Top tips to maintain a clean home through the Summer months

Who doesn’t look forward to the Summer months, where we can sit in the garden after work and enjoy the pleasant evening sun? Impromptu BBQs are inevitable with the weather turning at the last minute and many of us will find ourselves dashing to the local shop to get the best burgers!

The amount of plant pollen and airborne allergens trodden into your carpet will increase over summer. A deep carpet cleaning service will improve the quality of the air inside your home by removing particles, bacteria and preventing dust. Pesticides, fertilisers and even the tarmac from your driveway contain harmful petrochemicals that are released at higher temperatures. These can be damaging to your health and your home furnishings.

Outdoor air can contain pollens, fungi, bacteria, and all kinds of air pollutants such as vehicle exhausts that can cause damage to soft furnishings, carpets and ultimately your health. If you live on a main road you only have to look at the grey dust that accumulates on the surface of your bricks and windows- so imagine what you can’t see!

We use several methods to keep these pollutants out of your home- and with all our services you can rely on exceptional results, quick drying and no rapid re-soiling. This is likely to occur from soapy residues left by those companies with inadequate equipment that don’t have the vacuum suction that our equipment has.

Here at Bourne Valley Cleaning Service we will send our fully trained and insured technicians to your home to give you a free and full evaluation of the work to be completed. We will test fibres to make sure we know what we are dealing with and once you are happy with the cleaning plan we will find a date which is suitable for you when we can come in and carry out the work. We utilise our top of the range hot water extraction system to remove as much moisture as possible, which gives you peace of mind that your carpet will be ready to walk on later the same day. If you need spot-stain cleaning treatments for harder to tackle stains, that’s not a problem- we are able to tackle a wide range of hard to shift stains using industry-leading, environmentally friendly products.

Having your carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned will not only enhance their appearance but also provide a really deep clean – right down into the pile, leaving your carpet looking great and your room smelling fresher. Plus – regularly cleaned carpets last so much longer! Call Bourne Valley today for a free no-obligation quotation.