Bourne Valley Cleaning service helps you tackle the chores that often get forgotten

At Bourne Valley Cleaning we know that when it comes to cleaning the house, we go through the list and make sure we do the easy tasks, but the more difficult chores often get lest behind.

We have put together the four most often missed home cleaning chores and how to tackle them with some top advice from your local family-run Surrey Cleaning Company here at Bourne Valley!

Light fittings

Fabric light shades and fittings will attract dust like magnets. Luckily for us, our light fittings are often above us, so we don’t always see them! Taking down light shades, brushing them with a dry towel/brush will remove any loose dirt. If you need to use a small vacuum fitting to get rid of any larger dust or cobwebs. Then a final wipe with a clean, damp sponge will have it looking great in no time. If you have glass fittings, leaving them to soak in hot water with a squeeze of washing up liquid is perfect for cutting through grime and dirt that collects on them. You could even take an ultra eco-friendly route and use lemon juice and vinegar to clean your glass items!

Edges of rugs and under furniture

Ground in forgotten dirt can lead to long term damage as these areas are often forgotten and will gather dirt that you cannot see. Our walls are often forgotten when it comes to looking after the items in our home that are subject to wear and tear. We obviously vacuum, sweep and mop flooring, on a regular basis as it is easy to see when that needs attention. But as the biggest surface area in your home, when do you show special attention to your walls?! Dust regularly, hoover regularly and get your carpets and upholstery cleaned regularly to maintain their appearance, prevent staining and extend their lifespan.

Skirting boards

When we clean a room we make our way round with a duster, vacuum up to the edges and if we have the time that we might get out a smaller nozzle and get into smaller, hard to reach crevices. But out skirting boards are very often over looked. All it needs is a simple wipe down with a hot soapy cloth. Go round once with this cloth, and once again with a clean cloth to rinse. Don’t use to much water as you will only create a bigger task for yourself if you drip dirty water all over the floor!

Inside kitchen cupboards

Once we have prepared, cooked, and enjoyed our food, the clean up operation naturally follows. We clear the table, wash the dishes and straighten out the kitchen. Everything goes back in its place. Do you ever think to have a regular clean of the cupboards? A simple task like emptying the the cupboards, giving them a once over with a clean cloth and antibacterial multi purpose cleaner will get rid of any hidden messes that are overlooked.

When you receive a carpet or upholstery clean from Bourne Valley Cleaning, you will not only benefit from removal of deep down dirt, quick drying times, specialist stain removal treatments, but, we can offer you protective treatments to help prolong the time between future cleans. Your carpets will last longer when receiving regular maintenance which saves you money and expensive replacements in the future. We use friendly, non toxic chemicals that kill bacteria, allergens and other nasties that start to live in carpets and furniture.

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